Sassari Soccorso has been dealing with rescue for more than thirty years and 118. is our mantra, be the rescuer you would like to meet.


The medical aid deals with emergencies in hospital and non-hospital settings. In Sardinia it is managed by AREUS (Regional Company Emergency Urgency Sardinia) which as its mission is to guarantee, manage and make homogeneous the territorial emergency-urgency medical assistance in the Sardinian territory. In addition to the 118 emergency service, it will also have to manage the blood transport service, secondary transport for temporary employees and assist in the activities connected with transplants by making logistics available.
Sassari Soccorso for more than 30 years now it entered this sector as a voluntary association which also includes medical assistance among its services.
In order to guarantee medical assistance, it has various basic vehicles in its fleet. The service is carried out by volunteer members who hold the PBLSD, BLSD and PTC certifications. During the rescue services, it guarantees the presence of a rescuer driver and two qualified rescuers who support a fourth rescuer, a new volunteer, in learning and growing.